“Writing for the media” : Joint ICTP-TWAS Workshop on Science Communication

I was invited to hold a keynote speech at the “Joint ICTP-TWAS Workshop on Science Communication in Developing Countries: Bridging the Gap between Science, Policy and the General Public” in Trieste (17-21 October, 2011) pop over to this website.

Here is the abstract:

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Why should scientists be interested in writing for the media? And why should the media be interested in scientists writing for them? The talk will start from these questions to address some of the typical features of media accounts dealing with science issues that push most scientists to shy away from the “media storms”, and will show some of the attempts that are being made to break the vicious circle by favouring an exchange between scientists and media professionals as «professional peers». Finally, the model adopted worldwide by the Science Media Centres – that aims at providing the media with timely evidence-based opinions on the daily news involving science – will be rapidly illustrated.

The slides are also available for download in pdf.

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